Get on YouTube

Look up drills on YouTube!!  There is so much information out there.

Here are a few names to look up, just to get you started:






Enjoy and don’t forget to lesson plan…


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No Spotting Policy on Balance beam


This article does give some good advice on balance beam skill progression.  I feel that especially on balance beam with new optional gymnasts that they become too dependent on their coaches for spotting them through scary skills.  Let’s face it.  Flight elements on beam ARE scary but unfortunately it is the type of situation that requires not only precision but also confidence to complete these skills alone on a high beam.  If a gymnast is unable to perform a back handspring, for example, on a low beam and make both her hands and feet on the beam, why would I place her on a high beam when I will be carrying her through the skill?  It not only gives the gymnast a false sense of accomplishment, but it is doing nothing to truly push her to learn the skill properly on her own.  They should first begin on the floor, then a floor line, then a floor beam, then a low beam etc, and progress their way up from there.

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Good Video for double back drills

This can also be a good drill to learn getting the hips up and keeping the head in for back tucks as well!

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Team Coaches!

All team coaches need to plan on attending the team banquet on Sunday May 22nd from 3:30-6pm.  It is going to be held at Mayfield High School.  It is in there rec building.  It is a swimming pool party, but that’s optional.  Please plan on attending.  It would mean a lot to the kids to have you there!

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introducing GIANT on Bar

introducing GIANT on Bar.

Great lead up drills even for your compulsory gymnasts!  Start them early is what I always say!

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Bar drills – Big Mancino Hill

Bar drills – Big Mancino Hill.

I love this piece(es) of equipment!  Such great drills for teaching releases to new optional gymnasts!

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We are always stressing to our staff to learn how to generally supervise the entire gymnastics area when out on the floor coaching.  Even though it is important to work one on one with gymnasts, you should learn how to manage a large class and still allow gymnasts to get the most out of each class or practice.  Here is a link to a good article about gymnastics supervision.

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ADHD and gymnastics

ADHD and gymnastics.

Here is a great link to a link, and another link, about coaching kids with adhd and how beneficial gymnastics can actually be for them.  It’s a great read because you know we all have these kids.

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allow a step / hop on landing?

allow a step / hop on landing?.

This is a very interesting article and a the basis of many arguments I have had with superior coaches.  I personally feel that on vault, one should teach powerful and explosive vaulting without an emphasis on sticking.  In a front handspring vault, if a gymnast really attacks the table and vaults geometrically correct, she will stick her landing without having to think about it because her body with be in the correct body position.  On upper level vaulting, the last thing I want a gymnast to think about when flipping a Tsuk or a Yurchenko, is how she can control her rotation to be able to stick the landing.  More often then not it causes the gymnast to open too early, her chest is forward, her body in a pike position and if she is still rotating she will even fall backwards, not to mention possibly cause injury because of the torque from trying to stop rotation so abruptly.

At level 6 state meet this past weekend, in competition, the judges will tell you the score of vault 1, the score of vault 2 and obviously they take the better of the two scores once averaged between the judges.  We told our level 6’s to try and stick their first vault and then really go for their second vault, no holding back, no worries about the landing or persecution from their perfectionist coach.  Each one of them stuck their first vault and then everyone of them took a step on the second.  The judges unanimously took the second vault as the higher scoring vault.  Why?  Because their body position was so much better when not trying to be so in control of their landings!

Read the article.  I’m sure some will disagree with the article and also with my way of thinking as well, but it is something to think about when training your gymnasts to vault.

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Fun Vault Hurdle Drill

Vaulting is all about physics and how to get your body into the right position to achieve the correct trajectory that will result in an elevated pre-flight, proper contact and after flight.  Sounds confusing for an adult, imagine it for your gymnast.  I try to get them to understand physics in the most fun way as possible.  One way I have tried to teach little kids to hit the board in the right spot is to replace the front middle spring with a pop can.  If the girls hit the board correctly then they will be able to smash the can all the way down.  If they don’t hit the right spot it either doesn’t crush all the way down or doesn’t crush at all.  It’s fun, the kids love it, they learn how to hit the board and actually try to hit the board, forget about how “scary” the vault is and you’re recycling!  So save your cans.  Don’t go home and drink a twelve pack coaches these are children here, so no beer cans please!

I saw this video on you tube as a fun way to teach kids how to get their feet forward on their hurdles to the springboard.


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