Rec Teachers – Testing

For Dawn, Vitoria, Sarah, Nick, and Lisa

Testing will begin October 31st and end November 12th (2 weeks).  We will be testing Frogs, Goldfish, Rec 1-2a & 2b-3, & Ladder Boys.
I am starting to write names on testing papers and will be keeping them in the brown filing cabinet by my desk.  You can NOT take testing papers home.
If you have a student that after testing you feel is ready to move up, please tell Sally or myself.  DO NOT speak to the student about this until it has been approved.  This is for safety and consistency in our testing.
No students are able to move to the Competitive Team from 2b-3 or Ladder boys until the season is over (June).
VAULT:  I know Rec does not often get a vault rotation.  For level 1-2a, you can incorporate vault into your floor rotation.  For level 2b-3, please try to include basic board drills into your floor rotation.  I will be asking team to be ready to share, please try and approach the team coach on vault before your class begins and let them know you would like to use 1/2 the vault area and at what time.  There may be occasions where this won’t work, but we will try to accommodate as much as possible.  We know how hard your job is.
I have put a copy of all this and testing skills in your mailbox.  Thanks, Anna

About Lakeshore Gymnastics Boy's Team

Lakeshore Dance and Gymnastics has been serving the Cleveland area for over 27 years. Lakeshore boasts a level 2-8 girls competitive program, a boys level 4-6 competitive program, prep team gymnastics, recreational gymnastics, as well as a competitive cheer squad a dance company and numerous ballet, hip hop, jazz, tap and modern classes. Classes begin at age 16 months and continue to eighteen years. Lakeshore prides itself on quality instruction in a safe and positive atmosphere.
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