No Spotting Policy on Balance beam


This article does give some good advice on balance beam skill progression.  I feel that especially on balance beam with new optional gymnasts that they become too dependent on their coaches for spotting them through scary skills.  Let’s face it.  Flight elements on beam ARE scary but unfortunately it is the type of situation that requires not only precision but also confidence to complete these skills alone on a high beam.  If a gymnast is unable to perform a back handspring, for example, on a low beam and make both her hands and feet on the beam, why would I place her on a high beam when I will be carrying her through the skill?  It not only gives the gymnast a false sense of accomplishment, but it is doing nothing to truly push her to learn the skill properly on her own.  They should first begin on the floor, then a floor line, then a floor beam, then a low beam etc, and progress their way up from there.


About Lakeshore Gymnastics Boy's Team

Lakeshore Dance and Gymnastics has been serving the Cleveland area for over 27 years. Lakeshore boasts a level 2-8 girls competitive program, a boys level 4-6 competitive program, prep team gymnastics, recreational gymnastics, as well as a competitive cheer squad a dance company and numerous ballet, hip hop, jazz, tap and modern classes. Classes begin at age 16 months and continue to eighteen years. Lakeshore prides itself on quality instruction in a safe and positive atmosphere.
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