allow a step / hop on landing?

allow a step / hop on landing?.

This is a very interesting article and a the basis of many arguments I have had with superior coaches.  I personally feel that on vault, one should teach powerful and explosive vaulting without an emphasis on sticking.  In a front handspring vault, if a gymnast really attacks the table and vaults geometrically correct, she will stick her landing without having to think about it because her body with be in the correct body position.  On upper level vaulting, the last thing I want a gymnast to think about when flipping a Tsuk or a Yurchenko, is how she can control her rotation to be able to stick the landing.  More often then not it causes the gymnast to open too early, her chest is forward, her body in a pike position and if she is still rotating she will even fall backwards, not to mention possibly cause injury because of the torque from trying to stop rotation so abruptly.

At level 6 state meet this past weekend, in competition, the judges will tell you the score of vault 1, the score of vault 2 and obviously they take the better of the two scores once averaged between the judges.  We told our level 6’s to try and stick their first vault and then really go for their second vault, no holding back, no worries about the landing or persecution from their perfectionist coach.  Each one of them stuck their first vault and then everyone of them took a step on the second.  The judges unanimously took the second vault as the higher scoring vault.  Why?  Because their body position was so much better when not trying to be so in control of their landings!

Read the article.  I’m sure some will disagree with the article and also with my way of thinking as well, but it is something to think about when training your gymnasts to vault.


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