We all want back handsprings!

This time of the year all of the coaching staff seems to get slammed with private lessons for girls trying to get their standing back handspring or round off back handspring in a hurry before cheerleading tryouts.  Not impossible, but improbable.  We have to remember that we need to be teaching the back handspring properly, especially to kids progressing to team and those already on team learning tumbling or perfecting their tumbling.

Having a good back handspring is a combination of many things.  A strong arm lift.  A tight arched position in the air.  Strong contact and block with the floor.  A tight snap down using the lower abdominal muscles and hip flexors.  We have to remember to teach all of these parts of the back handspring.

I was perusing online trying to find a collection of drills that I personally have had great success with over the years when teaching back handsprings.  This one video summed up a majority of those drills, so I wanted to post it here.




About Lakeshore Gymnastics Boy's Team

Lakeshore Dance and Gymnastics has been serving the Cleveland area for over 27 years. Lakeshore boasts a level 2-8 girls competitive program, a boys level 4-6 competitive program, prep team gymnastics, recreational gymnastics, as well as a competitive cheer squad a dance company and numerous ballet, hip hop, jazz, tap and modern classes. Classes begin at age 16 months and continue to eighteen years. Lakeshore prides itself on quality instruction in a safe and positive atmosphere.
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