The glide kip process, from pre-team to the first kip!

As coaches, one of the most frustrating skills to teach is the glide kip.  I would like every gymnast being introduced to a glide kip to do so from a piked glide swing.  Though straddling is a bit easier, it is impossible to eventual spot them on kip to handstand when using a spotting block (and when you are a short coach like myself).

Gymnasts need to have a strong core and basic idea of the strength and timing of the skill.  You are actually doing more harm to them by simply spotting them through kips without teaching them the fundamentals required to do the skill on their own without assistance.

With the glide kip being a potential level 4 element in the 2012 cycle, it is imperative to start some of these techniques with our pre-team program.  You of course do not need to do these drills all in the same day, as this is a 5 minute montage of months of proper technical coaching.  Lesson plan accordingly, working on steps to progress to the element.


About Lakeshore Gymnastics Boy's Team

Lakeshore Dance and Gymnastics has been serving the Cleveland area for over 27 years. Lakeshore boasts a level 2-8 girls competitive program, a boys level 4-6 competitive program, prep team gymnastics, recreational gymnastics, as well as a competitive cheer squad a dance company and numerous ballet, hip hop, jazz, tap and modern classes. Classes begin at age 16 months and continue to eighteen years. Lakeshore prides itself on quality instruction in a safe and positive atmosphere.
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