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ADHD and gymnastics

ADHD and gymnastics. Here is a great link to a link, and another link, about coaching kids with adhd and how beneficial gymnastics can actually be for them.  It’s a great read because you know we all have these kids. … Continue reading

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allow a step / hop on landing?

allow a step / hop on landing?. This is a very interesting article and a the basis of many arguments I have had with superior coaches.  I personally feel that on vault, one should teach powerful and explosive vaulting without … Continue reading

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Fun Vault Hurdle Drill

Vaulting is all about physics and how to get your body into the right position to achieve the correct trajectory that will result in an elevated pre-flight, proper contact and after flight.  Sounds confusing for an adult, imagine it for … Continue reading

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We all want back handsprings!

This time of the year all of the coaching staff seems to get slammed with private lessons for girls trying to get their standing back handspring or round off back handspring in a hurry before cheerleading tryouts.  Not impossible, but … Continue reading

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New Prep Optional Updates

Please follow the link for new prep optional updates

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“But my hands hurt”

In my opinion, and those of many others, bars is one of the  most difficult events to grasp because of the amount of strength and muscle coordination it takes to be able to perform well.  This is why I ALWAYS … Continue reading

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I saw these blocks up close and personal at the Arnold Classic last year.  Personally I think the $60 block is a bit ridicules.  I can think of thousands of drills and things to do with them, but at that … Continue reading

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The Dreaded front hip circle

I really like this video on teaching the front hip circle.  I think first off the most common mistake coaches teach their gymnasts comes from the introduction into the front hip circle.  The gymnasts should start in a straight hollow … Continue reading

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More Drills

Here is a website to help give you some more ideas for some drills and skills.  Unfortunately, not everything on this website is free, so you might have to click around a little bit to find something free and useful.  … Continue reading

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Some Great Sites for Recreational Coaches

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