October Newsletters

Sorry it has been so very long.
Please read over the Recreational newsletter and Team newsletter, so you know what’s going on.  Thanks!

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Summer Schedule

Hi everyone, I have been so busy.  Sorry for the last minute updates to the summer schedules.

Remember all team classes begin next week (June 11th) and Rec classes begin the week of June 18th.

Rec Gymnastics

Girl’s and Cheer Teams

Boy’s Team

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The Pull-over and Cast

Here is a very helpful video about one of the very basic and important skills on bars.  The cast.  I found the casting drills very effective with my Sunbeam 1 classes.  I have just started doing these with my Rec and Frogs classes too!!

Casting, click here

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Tumbling Coaches:

There will be a brief meeting to go over skill progressions on Saturday the 12th at 3:00 or 4:15pm, depending on your work schedule.

You must make it to one of them.  Find Sally, Kim or Anna.


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Food Drive Challenge

We have challenged the Cheer Teams and Dance Company that the Gymnastic Team can bring in more canned and non-perishable food items than they can.

I have emailed all the Gymnastic Team Parents to let them know to bring in food!  Bring in some yourself.  Kim and I have discussed having an ice cream party if Gymnastics wins.  All food must be donated by Saturday November 19th.

Food will be donated to Vineyard Community Church.  Please leave food by Kim or my desk.


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Rec Teachers – Testing

For Dawn, Vitoria, Sarah, Nick, and Lisa

Testing will begin October 31st and end November 12th (2 weeks).  We will be testing Frogs, Goldfish, Rec 1-2a & 2b-3, & Ladder Boys.
I am starting to write names on testing papers and will be keeping them in the brown filing cabinet by my desk.  You can NOT take testing papers home.
If you have a student that after testing you feel is ready to move up, please tell Sally or myself.  DO NOT speak to the student about this until it has been approved.  This is for safety and consistency in our testing.
No students are able to move to the Competitive Team from 2b-3 or Ladder boys until the season is over (June).
VAULT:  I know Rec does not often get a vault rotation.  For level 1-2a, you can incorporate vault into your floor rotation.  For level 2b-3, please try to include basic board drills into your floor rotation.  I will be asking team to be ready to share, please try and approach the team coach on vault before your class begins and let them know you would like to use 1/2 the vault area and at what time.  There may be occasions where this won’t work, but we will try to accommodate as much as possible.  We know how hard your job is.
I have put a copy of all this and testing skills in your mailbox.  Thanks, Anna
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Here are some funny ‘communication’ videos.  One is how we phrase our corrections to a child, Two is a sarcastic conversation between a parent and coach, and Three is another sarcastic convo between a gymnast and a coach.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

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Spaghetti Dinner

Booster Club Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser:

When:  Sunday, Sept. 18th at 5:00pm

Where:  Patrician Party Center  33150 Lakeland Blvd.  Eastlake, Ohio

Tickets are $15. each and there will be a cash bar.

You can purchase tickets from a student if they are selling them, or to not show favoritism, buy from Irene or Kim.  There will be sideboards and prizes to win.  Also, students are selling raffle tickets for $1.00 each or $5.00 for 6 – you could win $250.00!!!

I know it is short notice, but please try to attend the Spaghetti Dinner for team building  and support for our Booster Parents.

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Mock Meet Info

We are having the Mock Meet tomorrow, Sept. 10th.

Team girls need to be here at 12:00pm (no regular practice) and should be done by 4:00pm.

We will warm up events 12:00-1:00, and begin competing at 1:00pm.

Please let the gymnasts know that this is just a fun, ‘lets see where we are’, practice meet.  There will be no awards, and no penalties for getting a bad score.  (Exception: Prep Ops or XCel Team, this mock meet will help determine what events they are ready to compete on, please see Amber).


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New skills for each level 2013

In 2013, the girl’s compulsory and optional USA gymnastic skills will be more difficult.

To give you an idea, the current level 4 skills this year will be level 3 skills in 2013!

Below is a link, that will take you to the proposed 2013-2020 skills/elements for levels 1-6.

Start planning now, this will be a big change (level 3’s may have the option to kip on bars!).

Proposed 2013-2020 Skills, level 1-6

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